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For all the services of a Aventura Real Estate Agent at a low price, call Sellfor985. We will help you sell your home for the flat rate of $985. We are able to cut out the middle man and eliminate commissions.

We have a team of dedicated agents that will keep you informed while we sell your property. Sellfor985 offers you an affordable way to sell your home at a flat rate without commission that other Aventura Real Estate Agents charge. Call today!

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A typical Aventura Real Estate Agent will charge you high fees; we do not believe in charging high fees here at the reputable Sellfor985. We offer cost-effective ways of selling homes. We will show how to avoid paying high commissions. We offer comprehensive real estate services at the low cost of $985! We look forward to serving as your direct link to exceptional residential and commercial real estate and investment properties in South Florida. Sellfor985 is one of the fastest expanding agencies in the area. We look forward to serving you well, like we have served our Sellfor985 clients for over ten years.

Sellfor985 is ready to resolve your issues and help to facilitate you in every way, as your Aventura Real Estate Agent. We have become associated with a first class network of real estate experts who have the capacity to get the best possible prices for homes. If you sell your home yourself, you may save on commissions, but you might lose out on getting the best price possible. Be wise and benefit from our services, for the low fee of $985. You will get all the services of a real estate agent without having to pay exorbitant commission fees. Our team of devoted experts with valuable experience, will sell your home quickly and affordably!

At Sellfor985, with the help of our passionate team of professionals, we can assist you in selling your house and saving you money at the same time! The law does not requires you to hire an Aventura Real Estate Agent when you sell a house. However, in some states a real estate attorney is required by law, to manage the transfer documents and closing. We will make sure that you understand the process of selling you home and we will ensure that you are following the protocol in order to close the deal on your home in the proper manner. Call Sellfor985 without delay; find out how we can help you to sell your home affordably!

Sellfor985, in conjunction with a wide range of real estate professionals, including lenders for our local and foreign clients, Title Companies, Attorneys, CPA's, Property Managers and Insurance Agents, will assist you with your needs from every perspective. One of our main areas of focus is Client Education, to ensure that you are kept up to date with the latest news and developments in real estate, financing, technology and market trends.

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