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Sellfor985 offers highly experienced realtors in Miami Florida on a flat fee basis. That way, you escape high commissions and still get the first class, full-fledged service which you are seeking and which you deserve. Can you imagine real estate services at the low cost of $985? We offer such services! We serve as your direct link to residential and commercial real estate and investment properties in South Florida. Our extensive network will contribute to getting your house sold quickly, at the right price! Our intimate knowledge of the marketplace coupled with our use of advanced technology and advertising expertise, will impressed you. So will our first class results!

Sellfor985 approaches real estate transactions with a sense of mission. We master the dynamics of the real estate market. Our Realtors in Miami Florida have established a progressive network of real estate experts to support them. Our team is ready to assist you with all of your real estate needs. Those who sell their homes themselves may save on commissions, but will likely lose out on getting the best price possible. With our services, for the low rate of $985, you get all of the services and benefits of a real estate agent without expending a huge amount of money.

Realtors in Miami Florida will place you at an advantage when selling your house. In some states a real estate attorney is necessary to handle the transfer documents and closing arrangements. Check with your state department of real estate to find out whether an attorney is required in your state. Expect our professional guidance on all aspects of real estate and house sales. We can explain any process to you. It is our intimate knowledge of the market which sets us apart from other companies. We will ensure that you don't end up selling the home for less than it's worth.

Sellfor985 partner with a wide range of real estate professionals such as Lenders for our local and foreign clients, Title Companies, Attorneys, CPA's, Property Managers and Insurance Agents to assist with your needs from every perspective. One of our main focuses is Client Education to ensure that you are kept up to date with the latest news in real estate, financing, technology and market trends.

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