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Why pay higher commissions when you can get all the traditional Realtor services, with no exceptions, and save thousands?

Sellfor985 offers you an affordable way to sell your home. Sellfor985 offers a unique approach to the real estate market and when it comes to addressing our clients’ real estate needs.

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If you are considering the option to "sell my house fast in Aventura" then Sellfor985 is the ideal company for you. Our very attractive flat fee of $985 will give you automatic access to all the services of our realtor! This cost-effective approach to real estate and property sales will help you to save money, and to avoid paying out any costly commissions. We are your direct link to market information on residential and commercial real estate and investment properties in South Florida. Sellfor985 is one of the popular agencies in the area. We hold extensive resources and we maintain helpful connections to a well-respected network that can help get your house sold quickly and at the assessed price!

With our up-to-date knowledge of the entire real estate marketplace in South Forida, our cutting edge technology, and our widespread advertising sources, we are sure that you will be completely satisfied with our excellent services. Our company is led by a passionate team with valuable practical experience. Our work here at Sellfor985, spans over ten years. When you say to yourself, "I need to Sell My House Fast in Aventura," Sellfor985 should enter your mind. We will get your house effectively listed on all of the major real estate listings to attract the appropriate demographic and get you a satisfactory price for your home or business property.

Sellfor985 offers a positive perspective on real estate and will approach the real estate market with confidence and realism. and We established a top-notch network of real estate professional to meet the needs of our many clients. Choose us to teach you about the current market, so that you don't end up selling the home for a lower price than it is worth. Should you be deliberating on whether or not you need to sell and saying, " sell my house fast in Aventura," then we are the experts to contact immediately. No law requires you to hire a real estate agent when you sell a house. However, in some states there is a requirement that a real estate attorney must handle the transfer documents and the closing process. Don't hesitate to call Sellfor985 and find out what your options are with us. We can definitely help you to sell your home quickly today!

Sellfor985, in conjunction with a wide range of real estate professionals, including lenders for our local and foreign clients, Title Companies, Attorneys, CPA's, Property Managers and Insurance Agents, will assist you with your needs from every perspective. One of our main areas of focus is Client Education, to ensure that you are kept up to date with the latest news and developments in real estate, financing, technology and market trends.

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